Autumn novelties in legendary Varenichnaya №1

Great restaurant «Varenichnaya №1» in Kiev has its menu via seasonal novelties and welcomes you to taste as consistently delightful dinners.

Near Fall hits there are nutritious suppers of meat and fish: Steamed salmon, heated with herbs (138 UAH), Pike caviar with toast (82 UAH), Duck leg with pieces of fruit (78 UAH), Beef on the skeletal substance, cooked in the stove (98 UAH), Pork ribs with barbecue sauce, cooked in a wood-let go stove (79 UAH) – being as how we ought to uphold the ability and unvaryingly be fit as a fiddle in Autumn. It's improbable to envisage Autumn menu without mushrooms – Mushroom caviar with toast (54 UAH), Baked mushrooms with veal tongue and cream sauce (64 UAH) – fragrant, ready with brand new mushrooms. Notwithstanding for pastry – a delicate Millefeuille of raspberries (59 UAH) or Panna Cotta with pear (48 UAH).

Fall menu of the «Varenichnaya №1» is a fusion of unsurpassed essence and new elements. We cook with affection and want to think about you and your family!

Varenichnaya №1 tasty Breakfasts

Recall natural youth direction of our mothers and grandmas that a full breakfast is the key to a dynamic day? Fabulous restaurant of Ukrainian home cooking “Varenichnaya #1″ wants to think about you and welcomes you to the home-made, handy and nutritious breakfast.

Yoghurt (32 UAH), Cottage cheddar (43 UAH) and grains with entire grains (29 UAH), china of home eggs (from 14 UAH) and flapjacks made of natural flour (from 34 UAH) – cooked, as ordinary, with concern for your family! These natural from the youth and home-delectable cheddar cakes (55 UAH), Frankfurters with prepared potatoes and fried eggs (59 UAH), Pancakes with fruits and acrid cream (53 UAH), Chicken Soup with pies (37 UAH), “Lazy varenyki” (55 UAH) and Organic muesli (35 UAH). Crisply-crushed squeezes (35 UAH), tonic tea with berries and herbs (from 35 UAH), home jam (17 UAH), cocoa (25 UAH) and sizzling chocolate (32 UAH).

We work every available minute, so regardless of the possibility that you wake up promptly in the “Varenichnaya # 1″ you’ll consistently get delectable breakfast with crisp items!

Legendary Summer at Varenichnaya №1

In the event that the mid year has a taste, it comprises of delicious berries and apples and oranges, natural lemonade and a delicate cool gelato. Incredible restaurant of Ukrainian home cooking “Varenichnaya # 1″ welcomes you to delight in a taste of mid year!

Summer hits 2012 from “Varenichnaya # 1″:

Solidified yogurt to browse: with berries with grain or tree grown foods (32 UAH) Berry soup with bilberry sorbet (45 UAH.), Pancakes with berries (39 UAH), Peach strudel with vanilla gelato (65 UAH), Sorbet and frozen custard of own creation (18 UAH).

A post of mid year guzzles is included with tasty, for example in the youth, berry compote (0.5 l-38 UAH), A reviving lemonade (from 36 UAH) – strawberry, raspberry and ginger, amazingly suitable Smoothie (45 UAH) – blackerry, orange, banana, strawberry, raspberry and refined Cold java – with milk (30 UAH), cream (30 UAH) or gelato (35 UAH).

Experience the extraordinary taste of hot time of year “Varenichnaya # 1″!

Varenichnaya №1 products

“Varenichnaya # 1″ restaurant – a unlimited root of culinary spark! It's here you will consistently find every last item you should get ready nutritious dishes with instinctive nourishments. Developed with adoration delightful ranch vegetables, custom made frankfurters, margarine and sauces – here most living breathing souls will find something for himself.

An exceptionally ready for you semi-fulfilled products should not just advance your menu, in any case will in addition cause to recovery time and enterprise. Dumplings stuffed with handcrafted to each taste, cutlets, flapjacks, hand crafted pies with cabbage, mushrooms, meat will add Ukrainian colors to commonplace or merry table and will encourage you to arrange scrumptious, sound suppers.

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